CCR CTAS Technology Alert: Phishing Scam Distributes Malware

by | Nov 30, 2022

CCR Data Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 30, 2022 1400 hrs

This is a CTAS notification alert from CCR Technology Partners. CCR’s Security team has received reports of an ongoing Phishing Campaign that is being used to distribute ransomware and information-stealing malware.

This particular ransomware scam works by using phishing emails to distribute malicious installations file for legitimate programs, such as, but not limited to, TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Flash Player, Zoom, and AnyDesk. The installer will actually install the program, but also runs additional actions in the background to disable anti-virus software and to distribute the malware.

Microsoft’s Security Team also reports that this phishing campaign is using website contact forms, legitimate software depositories, and Google Ads to distribute these malicious installers. Links to this software have also been seen in blog comments and fake web forum pages.

CCR recommends that users only download programs from the official websites of the developer, such as www.Microsoft.com. Additionally, Adobe Flash Player was shutdown by Adobe in January 2020, and is such no longer available for legitimate downloading.

The CCR CTAS Notification System was created to keep you informed of possible threats to your corporate network environment.

Call the CCR Helpdesk at (317) 842-1754 or visit www.GoCCR.com if you need further information.

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