CTAS Netflix Phishing 2017

CTAS Netflix Phishing

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This is a CTAS notification alert from CCR Technology Partners. CCR’s Security team has received reports of a phishing attack targeting Netflix users..

Targeted users receive an email asking users to update their Netflix account details by clicking a link in the message. This link redirects to a page that appears to be a legitimate Netflix page requesting a user log into their Netflix account, but upon logging in, asks users to provide details such as their name, Social Security Number, credit card information and address. After clicking on the submit button, users are then directed to the legitimate Netflix webpage, however the user’s information is sent to the operator of the phishing scam.

CCR advises users to never click on web links in emails and to navigate directly to sites that claim to request users to update their information. While Netflix may send legitimate emails requesting that users may need to update their information for a variety of reasons, they will never ask for account holders to provide details such as their Social Security Number. Netflix also advises users to visit www.netflix.com/security and review their tips to prevent users from falling victim to this scheme, as well as others that may target Netflix users.

The CCR CTAS Notification System was created to keep you informed of possible threats to your corporate network environment.

Call the CCR Helpdesk at (317) 842-1754 or visit www.GoCCR.com if you need further information or believe you may have been affected by this malware.


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