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CCR’s Security team has received reports of users receiving emails purportedly from the United States Postal Service reporting that a package could not be delivered. The email then instructs the recipient to print off an attached document to receive a label to show at the local post office.

In actuality, the attached document is used to infect the PC with a variety of potential malware, including the possibility of cryptoware that demands a ransom in exchange for unencrypting infected files.

CCR advises that recipients who receive this email delete it immediately.

The CCR TAS Notification System was created to keep you informed of possible threats to your corporate network environment.

Call the CCR Helpdesk at (317) 842-1754 or visit if you need further information or believe you may have been a victim of this scam.

CCR offers free network assessments. Certain restrictions apply.  Call the CCR Helpdesk for more information.

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