5 Tips for Creating a Cybersecurity Plan For Your Business

How Outsourcing With a Trusted IT Partner Can Mitigate Risk

by | Jun 22, 2023

Organizations outsource their IT for many reasons – and it’s not always about cost savings. Often, small to mid-size companies don’t have the knowledge or inhouse talent to deal with high level risk of cybersecurity threats or other high-level challenges.

Here are a few ways an outsourced IT partner can help your organization mitigate risk that may not be able to be done in-house:

  • Specialized IT knowledge:  Outsourced IT Companies have members on board that specialize in cybersecurity and understand what it takes to establish a holistic approach to cybersecurity. An IT risk mitigation plan requires a solid risk assessment, identification of IT vulnerabilities, and mapping out a detailed strategy that minimizes potential threats.
  • Compliance with regulations:  Many industries have strict regulations regarding the information and data that passes through or is stored within their IT systems. Outsourced IT companies are generally well-versed in these regulations and can align IT systems and strategies to stay within compliance parameters and avoid hefty fines.
  • Disaster Recovery:  A competent IT Partner will have disaster recovery plans that are tried and true. In the instance of a cybersecurity breech, they have plans in place to recover data, restore information and keep your organization from experiencing downtime.
  • 24/7 monitoring:  While the 9 to 5 staff members are asleep, outsourced IT companies are still closely monitoring your IT; detecting threats, malware or any suspicious activity within your organization’s IT and warding it off at the pass.
  • Maintaining your IT: Outsourced IT companies will monitor and maintain any system updates or patches that need to be done without any lag time that may open your organization up to cybersecurity threats.

Are you confident that your company is following an air-tight cybersecurity protocol that mitigates risks that could cost you both time and money? If not, contact us today and speak with a CCR cybersecurity pro that will help you understand where your risk may be – and how to fix them.



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