Ransomware Being Sent Through Postal Services

by | Oct 12, 2022

CCR Technology Alert
CCR Data Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, August 10, 2022 1345 hrs

This is a CTAS notification alert from CCR Technology Partners. CCR’s Security team has received reports of cybercriminals creating counterfeit retail copies of software, undistinguishable from a legitimate version of the same software, and using it to spread ransomware through postal and package shipping services.

This particular ransomware scam works by sending an unsuspecting targeted victim a small box containing an USB of what appears to be legitimate software, such as Microsoft Office, with what appears to be legitimate installation media inside via USB flash drive. When a victim inserts the flash drive into their PC, the ransomware on the flash drive infects it.

CCR recommends that users do not install any retail software sent to them that they did not purchase, and to make sure that if you do purchase software in a physical retail format compared to a digital download directly from the software publisher, to make sure to purchase it from reputable sources.

The CCR CTAS Notification System was created to keep you informed of possible threats to your corporate network environment.

If you need further information or believe you may have been affected by this scam, call the CCR Helpdesk at (317) 842-1754 or visit www.GoCCR.com

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