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by | May 9, 2022

May 9 2022 

CCR Technology Partners, Inc., has a rare opening for a Social Media Superstar, to assist with our marketing efforts, along with a number of other roles…  

  1. (Primary Job) Candidate will be updating and making postings on our corporate LinkedIn account.  Candidate will also be responsible for cross promotion with our Face Book and CCR websites.  Candidate must know LinkedIn inside and out and will need great writing skills to also produce stories written around the IT world.
  2. Candidate will also play a multi-media role, assisting with live Zoom meetings.  Candidate needs to be well versed with Zoom, operating multiple cameras and sound.  We want you to take our Zoom meetings to the next level.
  3. Knowledge or experience with website analytics, virtual chat and tracking prospects thru our social media strata would be a plus.

Candidate will also be an assistant to the company President/CEO, assisting with sales marketing endeavors and other corporate duties.  Candidate will need strong organizational skills, along with great writing skills, to produce sales literature and following up with prospects and clients.

CCR Technology Partners, Inc., is a 33year old IT consulting firm located in Fishers.  Compensation is between $15-20 per hour depending on skill level and/or experience.  Although this position is considered part-time, it may evolve into a full-time position in the future.  Candidates must send a resume and cover letter telling us about yourself to HR@goccr.com.

For a PDF download of the above information, click here.


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